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St. John's Nutrition is a Manufacturer of the World's Finest - All Natural Herbal Supplements Made Just the Way that Nature Intended.

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At St. John's Nutrition, we believe in looking at health as a holistic connection between the mind, body, and soul. This is why we believe in only selling the highest-quality supplements, herbs, and vitamins to our customers.

Nutrition is often the root of wellness and can have a huge impact on your mood, weight, and the relief of many physical conditions. St. John's Nutrition is passionate about helping our customers find what's best for them, and everybody is different, so we even offer custom compounding for individualized supplements.

Stop by our store in Oxford, Alabama or shop online here and step forward into a wellness-focused life.

St. John's Nutrition Formulas Have Gained The Approval and Support of Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Many Other Health Professionals

All-natural supplements guaranteed to fuel you through out your day, as well as, support a healthy lifestyle.
When we say all-natural, we mean just that, all-natural! No binders, no fillers, and GMO free.


My wife couldn't get pregnant went to specialist 200 miles from home and fly all way to China to get help after 2 years I listened to St Johns advice within 1 month my wife got pregnant taking some simple herbs he recommended.
Jimmy client / customer
I highly recommend St Johns. St Johns is incredible! They have a product that completely stopped my morning back pain! I also purchased their Oregano oil for an on going ear ache / sinus problem & after 5 days it was cured!!! Five stars!!!
Mark Franks customer
I take oregano oil daily I love it !! Great for the flu virus or any virus !! Ear ache toothache sores anything and everything I've taken this for about 6 yrs. now love love it !
Curly Duran customer
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St John's Nutrition is a family owned natural products manufacturer and retailer. Located in the Appalachian region of Alabama.

St John's Nutrition was founded in 1996 by naturopathic doctor Matt St. John. Now involving many others in his family as well as dear and trusted employees.

St. John's Nutrition is committed to bringing individuals the best all-natural herbal supplements that nature has to offer, which is the way nature intended.

Here at St. John’s Nutrition we have a mission, to serve with a passionate commitment and to bring you the highest quality supplements available on the market.


Your health is our top priority and from our formulations to the manufacturing process, in addition to customer service, we strive to give you, our customer, only the best all natural herbal supplements guaranteed to fuel you throughout your day, as well as, support a healthy lifestyle.

We believe anything you put in and on your body should meet our definition of clean, as well as, free from harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients; and that is exactly what you will find in St. John’s Nutrition supplements, no additives, no binders, no fillers, just all-natural organic herbs.

You get doctor-formulated supplements, custom-designed to address the most common health frustrations for men, women, and children today. To learn more about Dr. Matt St. John click here
My wife and I are huge supporters of St. John’s Nutrition. A few months ago, she had contracted shingles. She had been prescribed a 6-week antibiotic. In search of a more natural plan B, the friendly staff at St. John’s suggested Tommy Bass salve. After 72 hours, applied twice daily, her shingles were completely gone!! She also uses ArthEase daily, which has completely eliminated her daily back pain! – David Mann

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