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Dr. Matt St. John is a Naturopathic Doctor, founder of St. John's Nutrition and a formulator for other natural product companies.

Therefore, he enjoys spending his time educating others about health and wellness through conducting seminars, writing, participating in radio shows, and making television appearances.

He lives with his beautiful family in Oxford, Alabama and has committed himself to make health and wellness easy to understand while also being readily available to everyone regardless of their economic status, race, culture, or belief.

our story Dr. Matt St. John
our story Tommie Bass


Herbalist Tommie Bass, who led thousands to better health from his simple rural home in Leesburg Alabama, passed down his formulas to a young herbalist and aspiring Naturopathic Doctor Matt St. John.

Upon discovering that Matt had a myriad of health issues, Tommie assisted him in getting well so that he could start a new life focused on health and wellness.

After that, his new life quickly became engrossed in learning about and incorporating natural medicine not only into his life but helping others find wellness through natural medicine.

Therefore, Matt would visit Tommie often where he began to learn about specific formulations and concepts of natural medicine; and this is where our story began.

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