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St. John's Nutrition was the first company in Alabama to offer CBD oil, and is the ONLY company in the United States who manufactures CBD products that was open and selling other plant medicines 20 years ago.   You absolutely cannot trust the quality or safety of your CBD oil to anyone more than us, and we offer a money back guarantee on all of our CBD products.  


At St. John's,  we KNOW the Endocannaboid system.  We have been researching, using, and researching cannaboids and the endocannaboid system for over 20 years.  We use a patented system of manufacture that extracts CBD using safe and low temperature methods.


Health Benefits of CBD oil:


1) CBD has shown benefits for Cancer patients


2) CBD Oil Reduces Inflammation and Autoimmunity Hemp Oil Extract Can Blunt Th1 and Th2 Dominance and also Helps with Th17 Dominance


3) CBD Oil May Protect From Neurodegenerative Diseases


4) CBD Oil May Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


5) CBD Oil Has Therapeutic Potential for Schizophrenia


6) CBD Oil Helps with Epileptic Seizures


7) CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety


8) CBD Oil Relieves Pain


9) CBD Oil May Be Beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis


10) CBD Oil Relieves Nausea and Increases Appetite


11) CBD Oil Lowers Incidence of Diabetes


12) CBD Oil May Promote Heart Health


13) CBD Oil May Treat Depression


14) CBD Oil May Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease


15) CBD Oil May Protect Against Bacteria


16) CBD Oil May Protect From Mad Cow Disease


17) CBD Oil Promotes Bone Growth


18) CBD Oil Reduces Dyskinesia


19) CBD Oil May Help with Insomnia


20) CBD Oil May be Effective for Treating Substance Use Disorders


21) CBD Oil May Help with Quitting Smoking


22) CBD Oil May Provide Treatment for Acne


23) CBD Oil May Play a Role in Psoriasis treatment


24) CBD Oil has been successfully used to treat ADHD, Anxiety disorders, PTSD, and behavioral disorders




Studies on CBD:


Chronic pain: A 2007 preclinical study performed on rats published in the European Journal of Pharmacology provided evidence that CBD can attenuate chronic neuropathic (nerve) and inflammatory pain. According to some reports, CBD provides superior pain relief when combined with some concentration of THC.

Insomnia or sleep conditions: Higher concentrations of CBD can promote drowsiness, and facilitate both falling asleep and staying asleep. A 2019 case study published in The Permanente Journal showed that 66.7 percent of patients with sleep-related issues experienced an improvement in their sleep patterns after using CBD oil for a month. As mentioned before, however, CBD may also cause wakefulness, so achieving the right dosage is essential.

Anxiety: A much-cited 2011 study published in Neuropsychopharmacology found that pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety before a public speaking engagement. Those who received CBD also experienced reduced cognitive impairment, discomfort, and alertness levels when compared to the control and placebo groups.

Inflammation: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which may alleviate conditions such as colitis and other autoimmune disorders, arthritis, neuroinflammation, and muscle or joint pain.

Epilepsy: There is a considerable body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of CBD in reducing seizures. CBD has been proven to reduce the frequency of both focal and generalized seizures in severe conditions such as Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes.

Another general benefit of CBD is that it is safe, effective, and available without a prescription. “CBD oil can benefit health, and is an agent which is much safer than a great many over the counter and prescription medications,” Andry noted. “CBD can potentially be used for many conditions. Many scientific studies suggest that it can be helpful in a very wide array of situations, though more research is needed.”





Also Naturally Occuring:

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Omega 6


Vitamin E

Organic Hemp Oil

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