Metabolic Weight Loss Factor:


The 3 Keys to Weight Loss and Metabolism


By Matt St. John, ND


When someone poses the age old question "How do I lose weight?", I find myself normally sitting down, propping, or leaning back, taking a deep breath, exhaling, and then preparing myself for a long conversation.  Why?   Because the questions answer, though seemingly simple, is saturated with so much conflicting information, misinformation, opinions, and possible dangers that a "simple" answer is almost malpractice for a practitioner. 


My journey into this field begins with poor health, bad lifestyle practices, and poor education regarding health and wellness.  I was overweight, had poor muscle tone and strength, suffered from respiratory, digestive, and pulmonary issues, and was very unhappy with both my health and my limitations of doing the things that I loved due to my poor health and weight issues.  I met an herbalist named Tommie Bass in Leesburg, Alabama, and he helped me with some very simple herbs that he literally gathered in the woods near his Appalachian mountain home/shack.  I learned quickly how effective these seemingly simple plants could work to help and to heal, and saying that my life was changed forever was an understatement.  I lost over 80 pounds and found relief for my health issues.  I quickly allowed Tommie to mentor me and have spent the last 26 years of my life learning, researching, using, recommending, and formulating natural products to help others as I was helped.   I have experimented with diets such as the Zone Diet, the low carb diet, low fat diets, the Atkins diet, and virtually every diet imaginable that appears to have some merit.   During this time, I transformed my body from an overweight teen to a skinny young adult, to a muscular framed adult, to the build I currently have at 40 of 210lbs at 6% bodyfat.  Was it easy and did I do it without mistakes?  No.  Can we make it easy for you based on our accumulated research, efforts, trials and tribulations, and the known results and testimonials of thousands of others?  You bet….


There are three primary factors that influence metabolism:


1.  Macro balance


2.  Exercise and energy expenditure


3.  Proper hormone balance


Of course, we know that there is a great need for a proper mindset, a proper plan of action, reasonable goals, and support for your efforts and for your plan to lose weight.  We will include this in #3, considering the importance of the role of hormones in the way that we think and in the influence of brain activity.  Did you know that probiotics (bacteria in the gut), play a very important role in healthy brain function and can aid in weight loss?  We have a wonderful design in our human body, and have a built in ability to modify and enhance our ability to store or lose body fat.  We just have to use the correct fuel and have the correct lifestyle habits for those abilities to be maximized.


#1:  Macro Balance


“Macro Balance” is simply the way that we consume our MACRONUTRIENTS, which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Many are taught that the most important concern for a person wanting to lose weight should be calories and how many of those calories are consumed in a day.  All foods (Real Food), have calories.   A calorie is the amount of energy required to raise 1 g of water by 1 degree Celsius.  Carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates.  Protein has 4 calories per gram of protein.  Fats have 9 calories per gram of fat.  Do you need to raise 1g of water by 1 degree of Celsius?  Well, then you should not concern yourself much with calories.  Why?  Because the answer to losing weight and optimizing lean muscle with food is in macrobalance, not analysis of calories. 

We need a diet that allows our primary repair tools in the body, amino acids, to do the job of repairing and tending to muscle, and allowing the body to recover and heal properly from daily use.  Protein is comprised of these amino acids and you will not find a human on earth who has lived with a diet of primarily protein that had a high percentage of body fat.  Rather, high protein diets are normally used by athletes, bodybuilders, and people with lean muscular bodies.  We CAN eat too much protein and a person’s protein intake should not exceed their intake of carbohydrates.  Protein should be sourced from quality, hormone free, antibiotic free sources and not from sources excessively high in animal fats or trans fats.  Sources such as eggs, lean chicken, beef, and fish are commonly accepted quality sources of protein.  There are many varieties of vegetable proteins, however, they are not normally as well absorbed and utilized as animal sources, and while they can be a standalone source, vegetable proteins are normally limited to those who are Vegan and as a “bonus protein” by those who eat animal proteins.  I always say that I have never met a cow that I could see much purpose and destiny in other than to go inside me and my family, but many opinions differ….


Fats are our vital, wonderful, often misunderstood macronutrient that have faced a few decades of fear and criticism.  With the introduction of “non” foods such as margarine, trans fats (hydrogenated oils), and many other terrible money making food industry schemes allowed by various governments it is no wonder that fats gained a lot of negative publicity over the past few decades.  Fat plays a role in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K. Fats also help you absorb certain antioxidants, known as carotenoids, such as lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, which are found in yellow and orange vegetables. The fats you eat are incorporated in the membranes surrounding the cells in your body. These fats play a role in helping certain compounds -- such as proteins, ions, antioxidants and vitamins -- pass in and out of the cells through the membrane.  Essential fatty acids -- specifically linoleic and linolenic acid -- support eye and brain health, control inflammation and help with blood clotting. They're called "essential" because you need to get them from your diet and can't produce them on your own. Fatty fish, seeds, eggs, and olive oil are quality sources of fats.  “Eggs are healthy?”, you ask?  Yes.  Regardless of the fear and concerns about dietary cholesterol, the fat content, etc, eggs stand supreme as a vital source of not only healthy fats and carotenoids, but also have an incredibly complete amino acid profile and is considered at the top of the protein category as well.  In 25 years, I have personally consumed over 55,000 eggs.  Yes, that was not a typo, it is over the 55,000 mark.  If eggs were to raise cholesterol and give people cardiovascular disease, I would have kicked the bucket over 40,000 eggs ago.     Most of all, fats can be used as fuel or energy for the body and this one function allows for FAT, not carbohydrates to be used for energy which under the right conditions can allow EXISTING STORED BODYFAT for energy.  The magnitude of this revelation can be overwhelming when you eventually find out that YOUR DIET in the right conditions, will determine your weight while you can still enjoy eating and not limiting yourself with tiny amounts of calories.  You might have done this in the past.  If you did, you know exactly what happened a few months later once you started eating “normally” again.  People end up further harming their metabolism and creating more weight in the process. 

Carbohydrates have certainly become known by most as being generally “bad” for metabolism.  However, we need to understand that carbohydrates are VERY important for energy, clear thinking, for proper elimination, and that most micronutrients come from vegetables that are needed on a daily basis.  We have simple and complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates.  Simple carbohydrates have earned the reputation as being the enemy of weight loss and while this is mainly true, we do get some simple carbohydrates in fruits and juices that can be beneficial especially post exercise.  We mainly need COMPLEX carbohydrates that are high in fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients.  Examples of healthy carbohydrates that can help us increase metabolism are all vegetables, some grains (low glycemic), and fruits such as berries and apples.   If we remember that each gram of both carbohydrates and protein have 4 calories, we start to get an easy idea about the most effective way to eat:




Many prefer to balance the protein and carbohydrates at 40% each, and the fats at 20%, but this above “plate” is the exact template used by my patients and people across the globe for maximum results.  BE SURE to consume your protein first when eating, then fats, THEN carbohydrates.  This enables you to fill up first on the macronutrients that you need for healing and restoration, while tapering off on the meal with the type of food most likely to be stored as bodyfat.  This type of eating makes a huge impact on how the body uses food for energy and how it uses stored body fat for energy as well.


#2:  Exercise and Energy Expenditure


Just reading the word “exercise” is enough for many to have stopped reading this article.  For those unafraid of a little work or effort, the rest of this article will be what determines your success from those who stopped reading!


In my life, I have exercised incorrectly, correctly, and in ways that were just “confusing”.  I am currently writing this article nursing a torn tricep that resulted from not properly warming up and stretching prior to a workout.  It takes a bit longer to heal than it did 20 years ago.  I realize, as my tricep is an example of, that people have different levels of ability, skill, and time to afford to an exercise program.  Why can we just not walk 2 miles a day to optimize metabolism?  Walking is wonderful for cardiovascular health, aiding in general mobility, and increasing circulation.  It WILL NOT by itself burn bodyfat, modify your metabolism any significant level, or change your appearance.  RESISTANCE EXERCISE is the form of exercise that will boost metabolism, increase lean muscle, decrease bodyfat, and literally change a person’s body composition.  Would you rather spend 8 hours a week walking or jogging with little to no results or 2 hours a week doing something that is effective in enhancing metabolism?   Resistance exercise also increases the body’s output of energy producing and fat burning hormones and ALSO helps to enhance mood and increase mood stimulating hormones as well.  Added to this, resistance exercise has been shown to increase bone density and aid in promoting better digestion and colon function.

There are many different forms of resistance exercise.  You can use resistance bands, your own bodyweight, join a gym, or lift your Aunt Betty.  You can spend as much or as little to use or buy equipment, and there are benefits to any of it.  Below is a simple little weekly routine that you can do without ANY equipment and at almost any fitness level:


•20 body weight squats.

•10 push ups.

•20 walking lunges.

•10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug)

•15 second plank.

•30 jumping Jacks.

•Repeat for 3 rounds.

Do the above 4x weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in order to give yourself adequate rest.   Once you become accustomed to this routine, you can graduate to other more intense routines that also incorporate equipment.


#3:  Proper Hormone Balance


Now we have the more challenging aspect of weight loss to address for most people:  How to balance the hormones that contribute to a more enhanced metabolism.  Many people eat right and even exercise, yet never seem to hit a good momentum when trying to lose weight.   They struggle with the same body year after year, often going to the gym, doing cardiovascular exercise, and in many cases starving themselves with virtually no results.  Many people find it nearly impossible to find the energy to even begin to exercise.  Many find eating a diet balanced in carbohydrates difficult to do because they can’t stop late night snacking or seeking comfort foods.   Others seem to stay thin and healthy looking while never exercising and eating like a race horse.  Why?  Often, it is the body’s output of hormones that dictate metabolism, and simple modifications can lead to incredible success and save people years of struggling.  Some people are genetically predisposed to having higher testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, pituitary and hypothalamic hormones.  Most of us have to work to regulate these hormones, and this tends to be an incredible cycle when combined with some resistance exercise and proper diet.  When a person exercises properly, addresses nutritional needs, eats according to our “plate”, and balances hormones, they create a foundation that allows for optimum metabolism, fat burning, storage of MUSCLE rather than fat, and typically more energy and improved mental health.  Oh, and they look and feel great as well.  It often takes time and some diligence, but the results can astound you. 

In our next article, we are going to address HOW you can optimize balancing hormones, increase fat burning and mobilization, help with the discipline of having a proper diet, and having the energy to initiate a proper resistance routine.  It is important for the reader to note that this is not an article written by a PhD who is using the research of others.  My life has been dedicated to helping others CHANGE their bodies, their mindsets, and their lives through good nutrition and wellness principles.  I also have been every percentage of bodyfat from 22% with poor muscle tone to 3% with striations.   Our clinics have helped “Everyday” people like you make extraordinary changes and improvements.  Is it easy?  It is not what most people consider easy, but far easier with the tips, hints, and “metabolic tricks” that we are going to learn in the following article.   STAY TUNED!!




1.  Macro balance


2.  Exercise and energy expenditure


3.  Proper hormone balance


Let’s Explore HOW we can address each of these factors and how we can get results using safe and natural methods


#1:  Macro Balance


As we have stated, “Macro Balance” is simply the way that we consume our MACRONUTRIENTS, which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Using the “plate look” as we described seems very simple, however cravings, social settings, and the mind play a very significant role in what kinds of foods that we crave and the types of foods that we ENJOY eating.  We need discipline and focused effort to properly set forth on a healthy diet, but there are things that can help courtesy of those vital MICRO nutrients.  The brain and how one perceives food is very important.  You can enhance your ability to be disciplined and have much more efficient results by taking:


5-HTP-  Helps to balance serotonin and dopamine levels aiding in carbohydrate cravings

Hypericum- Helps prevent overating due to stress, anxiety, and mild depression

Lobeline-  Used for centuries for addiction and withdrawls, Lobeline helps with cravings as well

Ultimate Probiotic-  A Balanced mind begins with a healthy gut.  Probiotics are key to brain health.

These nutrients are safe, and do an incredible job of helping to balance brain chemistry and making weight loss MUCH easier and more productive.  By helping to balance serotonin, dopamine, and overall mood and brain function, these ingredients have each shown incredible merit in helping others consume less bad food, more good food, and making the nutrients that we consume work FOR us rather than against us.


#2:  Exercise and Energy Expenditure


We all know that exercise is considered by many to be a four-letter word (WORK), however as we discussed, resistance exercise is not as difficult nor as time consuming as many people believe.  How can we get motivated and have the energy to begin an exercise plan?  There are many ways to work out, and just as many ways to make the right and wrong choices.  Harmful pre workout drinks and supplements are not healthy, and will eventually create more problems for the user than if they did not take them.  There ARE micronutrients that help dramatically to increase energy and metabolism and allow for the user to have enhanced and more efficient work outs.  Now, these micronutrients also can work alone and are amazing even without exercise.  It is my opinion and the opinion of health and wellness experts worldwide that resistance exercise is ALWAYS a good idea and a great way to maximize metabolism.  Micronutrients that have been shown to be effective in burning fat and increasing energy are:

Brigham Tea Extract-  A potent fat burner without the potential side effects from Ephedra Sinica.

Guarana-  Contains many constituents that help with energy and focus, aiding in increasing the efficiency of work.

Capsaicin-  A safe and potent fat burner that is also great for cardiac function. 

EGCG (Green Tea)-  Well researched for it’s ability to aid in weight loss, it also acts to enhance energy levels and increase work output.


These nutrients have an amazing ability to make the process of weight loss much faster and more efficient.  They are generally regarded as safe, and these ingredients have great research supporting their efficacy.


#3:  Proper Hormone Balance


All of the above results are contingent on the body’s metabolic hormones being balanced and running optimally.  While proper diet and exercise are important, a person will not lose weight and KEEP IT OFF until they have a balance between their pituitary, hypothalamus, Adrenal glands, thyroid, and other hormones responsible for controlling our metabolism long term.  How can we influence this?  We will get help through our diet and exercise, however this takes a great deal of time and effort and most people fall of the “bandwagon” just before they begin seeing results from diet and exercise alone.  There are again micronutrients that have been shown to help in a VERY significant amount with creating a balance and optimizing fat burning hormones.  The finest known are:

Gymnea-  Used to help balance glucose levels as well as promote normal thyroid levels.

Cinnamon Leaf-  Used to help balance glucose and mobilize bodyfat that is currently stored in the body.

Black Pepper Extract-  Enhances the absorption and utilization of nutrients.  Helps promote proper hormone balance.

Garcinia Cambogia-  A popular but misunderstood fruit extract that helps with balancing glucose levels Ashwagandha-  An adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones. In India, ashwagandha is known as the “strength of the stallion” since it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system after illness ell as decreasing cravings for sweet foods and simple carbohydrates.

Chromium-  Has been shown to aid in proper insulin secretion and glucose metabolism as well as aid in weight loss through various pathways.


I have spent decades researching metabolism, weight loss, and how to best increase a person’s ability to optimize health at ANY stage of life.  I have consulted with other experts in the field with numerous peer reviewed studies published in regard to metabolism, aging, and weight loss.  I have been a sort of “test subject” for decades using my own health challenges as well as goals and have had great success in doing so.  I have counseled many patients who have had the same results.  Year after year, I have searched for safe and effective aids to address the 3 keys to metabolism, and after these years of research, we developed for our patients Metabolic Weight Loss Factor.  This formula has helped many to have incredible results when used correctly and we have now decided to provide this product to consumers.  The blend addresses every aspect of metabolic enhancement and weight loss, even going so far as to aid in brain function and helping users balance hormones, as well as increase energy output and help with exercise.  Metabolic Weight Loss Factor works ALONE if a person desires, and the benefits are very obvious.  St. John’s Nutrition even stands by the product with a money back guarantee.  2 pills per day, for two months, or your money back.  This cannot be possible with just any weight loss formula that you see online or in a store.  We also are going to offer online support for those taking Metabolic Weight Loss Factor.  It is vital to have a plan, the right tools, and a support system.  I want St. John’s Nutrition to have all of that for YOU.




Metabolic Weight Loss Factor:


Brigham Tea Extract-  A potent “spring tonic” and aid to thermogenesis

Guarana-  Guarana is used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It is a frequent addition to energy and weight loss products. Some people also use guarana to treat low blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and to prevent malaria and dysentery

Capsaicin-  While capsaicin is reported to have benefits in increasing metabolism by burning fats, relieving topical pain, and reducing insulin spikes in diabetes, it can cause burning or stinging pain to the skin and, if ingested in large amounts by adults or small amounts by children, can produce nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain

EGCG-  EGCG is a powerful compound that may benefit health by reducing inflammation, aiding weight loss, and preventing certain chronic diseases. It's most abundant in green tea but also found in other plant foods


5-HTP-  Serotonin can affect sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation. Since 5-HTP increases the synthesis of serotonin, it is used for several diseases where serotonin is believed to play an important role including depression, insomnia, obesity, and many other conditions.

Hypericum-  Saint John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) was recognized as a traditional, folk medicine used topically for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, burns, sunburns and inflammatory skin disorders.  Its use in wound healing could be justified with its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent effects.  Later studies have shown great benefit with mild to moderate depression and appetite.

Lobeline-  Used to promote a feeling of “Well being”, Lobeline has a secret reputation among herbalists for it’s ability to help with addiction and decrease anxiety. 

Ultimate Probiotic-  Used to promote proper digestion and immunity


Gymnema Sylvestre The Hindi name, gurmar, means "destroyer of sugar." Today, gymnema is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. It is also used for malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.

Cinnamon-  One of the most commonly used spices in the world, cinnamon has been linked in various studies to improvement in cholesterol and blood sugar control, and it seems to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Black Pepper Extract-  Enhances absorption of other nutrients, arthritis, asthma, upset stomach, bronchitis, a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea (cholera), colic, depression, diarrhea, gas, headache, sex drive, menstrual pain, stuffy nose, sinus infection, dizziness, discolored skin (vitiligo), weight loss, and cancer.

Garcinia Cambogia-  known to stimulate metabolism and weight loss; it curbs appetite, improves high cholesterol and enhances athletic performance.

Ashwagandha-  Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It can reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost brain function. Supplementing with ashwagandha may be an easy and effective way to improve your health and quality of life

Chromium GTF-  is now known to be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. This yeast-bound form of chromium is absorbed well by the body and has been shown to help improve glucose regulation and support healthy body fat levels and ideal weight.

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